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Negative December 20, 2017

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Grandeur Escorts

Negative December 20, 2017

GOOGLE WARNS YOU BEST!!! AVOID GRANDEUR ESCORTS AT ALL COSTS. Reads the 2nd position ranking on Google.

Game time… which review is real, which is fake?

Seems worrying an agency has this.

We can acknowledge endless bad reviews, including ones regarding Working girls spreading STD’s and the owner robbing clients with her(his?) friends.  Very very worrying indeed.

Bait and switch, much?

Grandeur escorts Nottingham Right…. where do I start? So I came across this page on the Nottingham escort search, seemed all ok to me. Called and asked to book a slim Brunette girl named Natalia Nelle for an incall. I arrived at the incall for my 60min booking, a rather plump girl answers the door looking

This has been seen on many posts.

Even more worrying is another post asking for customers to report them to the police!! This agency should always be avoided.

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